This app requires your device to be equipped with a magnetic sensor before it can be installed. Note that some Chinese devices report this sensor, but they cannot be initialized. If your device dos not have a particular sensor, its value will appear as NONE.

MagTool is a multipurpose app designed to detect electromagnetic fields and display environmental information around your device. Originally designed to detect potential electrical problems and locate electrical sources behind drywall, the app has grown into a tool for inspectors to investigate and document problems on a work site or for paranormal investigators to use as the ultimate tool box.

Whether you are hunting for potential problems or searching for evidence of ghosts, MagTool offers an easy to use and understand interface that is fast and responsive. It includes support for ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and of course electromagnetic field detection.

MagTool also includes quick access to your camera and voice recorder at the tap of a button. It converts its displayed results to metric values for you if you are in the other 90% of the world. Also included is a very effective night mode that displays values in red to preserve your night vision when doing paranormal work.




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