Magic Crystal Ball

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Sooner or later we all need some advice to help us guide our lives. We can hear a parent or a friend, but ... What if we want a review that invokes supernatural forces to scan our future?

With the magic crystal ball will save you hire a soothsayer. Simply select one of four categories:


【免費娛樂App】Magic Crystal Ball-APP點子




... and pass your finger across the surface of the ball while you concentrate on your questions.

Every day predictions change. During the same day, you may obtain repeated predictions or sentences, since the ball emphasizes what has already told you ... But beware, because the ball sometimes does not want to answer ... and becomes angry.

The developer is not responsible for the actions that users can perform motivated by the use of this application. The developer believes that each user is free to interpret as the user wish each message and disclaims any responsibility or guilt.

Please, feel free to provide better english translations.

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