Magical Dreamers(FREE)

【免費漫畫App】Magical Dreamers(FREE)-APP點子

The magic school was made into the stage.

A magic girl's growth tale

e-manga is a form of a digital manga which the text and the audio are made in multi-languages, such as Japanese and English, and they are compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android.

The text and the audio are instantly able to switch between Japanese and other languages.

Both the Japanese and other language versions are featuring performances by famous anime voice actors.

<Casts(Voice actors)>

▽Voice actors For Japanese

【免費漫畫App】Magical Dreamers(FREE)-APP點子

・Maricia Adine / Ayana Taketatsu

・Luta / Shiori Katsuta

・Orwell Seiren / Ryo Horikawa

・Volte Mileon / Kenichi Miya

▽Voice actors For English

・Maricia Adine / Monica Rial

【免費漫畫App】Magical Dreamers(FREE)-APP點子

・Luta / Brina Palencia

・Orwell Seiren / Todd Haberkorn

・Volte Mileon / Christopher Sabat

<The directions for this application>

If the tap of the screen right-hand side is carried out, it can move to the following page.

If the tap of the screen left-hand side is carried out, it can move to the last page.

<Presents for the application purchasers>

【免費漫畫App】Magical Dreamers(FREE)-APP點子

・You can get goods signed by voice actors!(*)

・You can watch recording sessions of voice actors!

【免費漫畫App】Magical Dreamers(FREE)-APP點子

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