Mailto Starter Template

【免費工具App】Mailto Starter Template-APP點子

This is a sample Starter template for building Android App Inventor applications.

This app is not fully functional, it is a demonstration app that allows you to customize the original source to suit your needs,

To download the full source of this template goto

These templates can be used as a base application to create apps with

【免費工具App】Mailto Starter Template-APP點子

For more information on building apps with Android App Inventor see the tutorials at

All templates come preconfigured with:

EULA, Help screen, About Notifier already configured and ready to customize.

MultiTab features 6 simulated tabs ready to populate.

Multiscreen features 3 screens ready to populate

Multiscreen with Slider features a slider to switch between the 3 screens.

【免費工具App】Mailto Starter Template-APP點子

TinyWebDB features a setup for TinyWebDB, just insert your own tinywebdb url.

TinyDb has a working tinydb included.

All templates are heavily commented to aid in your own personalization.

免費玩Mailto Starter Template APP玩免費

免費玩Mailto Starter Template App

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