Make MP3 Ringtones

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Custom ringtones are just a touch away

Easy to use MP3 editor. Make your MP3 ringtone fast and easy. You can even record your own MP3, edit it and save it.

You can now set customized ringtones in a fly.


Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and most other music formats.

Record an audio/music for editing.

【免費音樂App】Make MP3 Ringtones-APP點子

Easy to preview and play all the output ringtone list.

Free to manage your ringtone files. Delete, Edit, set as ringtone/Alarm/Notification Tone.

【免費音樂App】Make MP3 Ringtones-APP點子

View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 4 zoom levels.

Set start & end for the audio clip, using an optional touch interface.

【免費音樂App】Make MP3 Ringtones-APP點子

Tap anywhere on the wave & the built-in Music player starts playing at that position.

Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it as Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification Tone.

【免費音樂App】Make MP3 Ringtones-APP點子

Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign ringtone to contacts, using this ringtone editor.

Share your audio files

【免費音樂App】Make MP3 Ringtones-APP點子

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