Malayalam Writing

【免費教育App】Malayalam Writing-APP點子

Malayalam Writing is the right application for kids to learn Malayalam letters.


【免費教育App】Malayalam Writing-APP點子

1. Trace - aids the learners to follow the letter path.

2. Voice - Any time you can tap on the phone to hear the voice.

【免費教育App】Malayalam Writing-APP點子

3. Picture – Click on the picture box to see and hear the respective word associated with that letter. Tap on the picture to hear the voice.

4. Navigation – Swiping outside of the letter area take you to next/previous letter.

【免費教育App】Malayalam Writing-APP點子

5. Menus – Click on menu to access the below features

a) Script – Access any letters.

【免費教育App】Malayalam Writing-APP點子

b) Scale – Any time you can adjust the letter size. Make sure you move both sliders to adjust the size. Once done click on save.

c) Refresh – Any time you can start over.

【免費教育App】Malayalam Writing-APP點子

d) Demo – App draws itself.

【免費教育App】Malayalam Writing-APP點子

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