Mancala Sage - Free Edition

【免費休閒App】Mancala Sage - Free Edition-APP點子

Mancala may well be the oldest board game in the world. It is a wholly mathematical game - its more complex versions have as much scope as Chess, despite its primitive origins.

Playing Mancala will improve your counting skills, visual memory, and logical thinking.

Play this classic version of Mancala on your Android device. This game is also known as Kalah. Play against your Android or play with another person in a two player mode.

Game features:

- AI player with four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert

- Two player mode

- Play from 2 to 6 stones per bin games

【免費休閒App】Mancala Sage - Free Edition-APP點子

- Portrait and Landscape screen support

- Sound ON and OFF modes

- Show and Hide counts

- Undo previous moves

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Game Rules:

【免費休閒App】Mancala Sage - Free Edition-APP點子

The object of the game is to capture as many stones and place them in your mancala as you can. The player with the most stones at the end of the game wins.

To play, a player picks one of their holes with stones in it and distributes these stones counterclockwise. Distribution of stones wraps around the board, placing a stone in the player's mancala along the way, but not placing one in the opponent's mancala (if the stones get that far).

If the last stone placed in a hole lands in your mancala, you get another turn. Otherwise it is your opponent's turn.

Also, if the last stone placed lands in one of your holes that is empty, and the hole opposite contains stones, you steal your opponent's stones. Your last stone and your opponent's stones are placed in your mancala, and it is then your opponent's turn.

The game is over when one player is out of stones

【免費休閒App】Mancala Sage - Free Edition-APP點子

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