Mapish Navigator

【免費旅遊App】Mapish Navigator-APP點子

Driviing directions and free unlimited SMS. Get driving, walking and cycling directions with voice street announcements using Bing navigation API. Use Bing base map. Search for a venue, a business, an address or tweets in proximity to your current location or at any location currently shown on the map.

Send unlimited Wi-Fi/GPS instant messages or free phone SMS to any US/Canada phone number. Backup and restore your pushpins to/from the server.

Exchange pushpins ("Let's meet _here_!") He/she will be able to receive your pushpin, see it on the map and get driving directions to the location.

• Select a base map of your choice: Bing (road, aerial or aerial with labels)

• Navigation service is powered by Bing API

【免費旅遊App】Mapish Navigator-APP點子

• Directions can be requested in three modes: driving, bicycling or walking

• Automatic route recalculation once you deviate from the calculated route for more than 60 meters

• Choice of voice and sound effect for maneuver announcements. The annoucement will be made 15 seconds before the required maneuver

• Metric and Imperial units are supported

• Location search (by business name or address)

• Save places (pushpins) for your future use. Backup and restore them from the cloud

• Exchange instant messages or SMS with your contacts: send text and pushpins

• Send location to your contacts ("Let's meet here!") User will see your location on the map and will be able to get driving directions to it

【免費旅遊App】Mapish Navigator-APP點子

• During navigation map orientation can be set to North up or Direction up

• Pick your own picture for home screen

【免費旅遊App】Mapish Navigator-APP點子

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