Marble War

【免費策略App】Marble War-APP點子

one of Zuma game series, will show itself in a brand new and addictive style!

【免費策略App】Marble War-APP點子

An elf broke a Magic Gem into pieces by accident which Master handed it over to him and to keep it safe. Master will come back soon, elf feel anxiety about what he have done. It is said that huge treasure hidden on a beautiful elf island, there is a Moonlight Gem in it which can fix anything. Then the elf starts an adventure of searching a magic Moonlight Gem.

【免費策略App】Marble War-APP點子

Switching on Zuma will get Moonlight Gem. Elimination of Zuma earns Power Gems. If elf gets the request Power Gems, he will finish tasks.

【免費策略App】Marble War-APP點子

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