Marine Mammals of the World

【免費書籍App】Marine Mammals of the World-APP點子

This e-guide on the Marine Mammals of the World is part of a series of mobile systems for identifying species in nature. These apps were developed as part of the EC KeyToNature project aiming to provide easy access to flora and fauna information.

This app contains:

- Information on 121 species of marine mammals (biology, behaviour, exploitation, etc.)

- 373 photographs and drawings of those species

- Sounds of some common species

- Skull drawings and distribution maps for 119 species

- 185 links to whale watching tours and locations from 27 different countries around the globe

【免費書籍App】Marine Mammals of the World-APP點子

- An interactive key for identifying species

- An alphabetical list of species with a search function

- Hyperlinks to similar species.

- All species names in English, Dutch, French and Spanish

This application is an adapted mobile version of the CD-ROM 'Marine Mammals of the World', published by ETI BioInformatics (ISBN 90-75000-81-2), which in its turn is based on the field guide by the same name, published as an FAO species identification guide by Thomas A. Jefferson, Stephen Leatherwood and Marc A. Webber in 1993 as part of a worldwide programme for the identification of marine mammals and also cetaceans, seals and sirenians found in freshwater. The 121 species include a variety of taxa: baleen whales, toothed whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, sirenians, marine otters and the polar bear.

In addition to this e-fauna, other e-guides covering plants, butterflies, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians are available or in preparation. Please check for a list of available titles.


Compilation: Edwin van Spronsen

【免費書籍App】Marine Mammals of the World-APP點子

Programming: Dennis Seijts, Stefano Martellos and Edwin van Spronsen

Initiative: ETI BioInformatics

Original texts: Thomas A. Jefferson, Stephen Leatherwood and Marc A. Webber

Drawings: T.G. Telander (sea otter) and P.A. Folkens (all others)

Skull drawings: FAO Fisheries Department

【免費書籍App】Marine Mammals of the World-APP點子

Distribution maps: FAO Fisheries Department

ETI BioInformatics was founded in 1990 by the Dutch government and UNESCO to facilitate easy access to information on taxonomy and biodiversity. See

【免費書籍App】Marine Mammals of the World-APP點子

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