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MRA's conferences offer indispensable education to keep you informed and up to date on the latest trends and developments in the profession. Whether you want to accelerate your strategic thinking or need key deliverables for immediate use, MRA’s conferences will provide inspiration and solutions.

【免費商業App】Marketing Research Association-APP點子

Presentations from leading experts cover all facets of the marketing research spectrum and apply to all skill levels and career stages. Educational sessions use a variety of learning formats including keynote and general sessions, in-depth workshops and interactive case studies.

【免費商業App】Marketing Research Association-APP點子

MRA's conferences also allow you to connect with your peers in a warm and welcoming environment to share experiences and exchange ideas. Proven networking events provide an opportunity to meet fellow practitioners - from corporate researchers to data collectors to full service providers to related services, MRA conferences are where the entire industry connects.

【免費商業App】Marketing Research Association-APP點子

All conference sessions are PRC approved.

Use this app to access important event information including session details, speaker bios, locations and more.

【免費商業App】Marketing Research Association-APP點子

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