Married by Mistake1

【免費漫畫App】Married by Mistake1-APP點子

Harlequin comics: Married by Mistake PART 1

Artist:Takako Hashimoto/Author:Renee Roszel

【免費漫畫App】Married by Mistake1-APP點子

Elissa and Helen are determined to have their vengeance after their sister Lucy is betrayed by her fiancé. They decide that their stepbrother Jack should pretend to be Lucy's new fiancé, and make her former lover jealous. Even though they are not blood-related, Lucy cannot imagine Jack being her lover. Her sisters try to persuade the hesitant Lucy by telling her, "you are destined to be with Jack". This is true, if one believed the legend of the "Mansion of Love". Lucy finally starts to see Jack, not as her brother, but as a man...PART 1

【免費漫畫App】Married by Mistake1-APP點子

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