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Inspirational Quotes Meditation: Abundance & Manifestation - Mary Morrissey

What if you could tap directly into the spiritual wisdom of one of the finest minds on earth? What if you could absorb that wisdom on a deeper level, and integrate it into your daily life - faster than ever before... and for FREE?

Quotes are inspiring to read and fun to share. Inspirational quotes can comfort and lift us up. Quotes on success, abundance and the law of attraction can motivate us to take action and achieve our dreams.

But the FREE Abundance & Manifestation Quote Meditation app is more than just another collection of great quotes. It's a life-changing transformational tool that features:

➠ 100+ inspirational quotes from bestselling author Mary Morrissey

➠ Uniquely powerful multi-sensory learning technology that helps you internalize what you're learning

➠ Stunningly beautiful animated meditation in HD

➠ Rhythmic mind/body breathing exercise

➠ Soothing hypnosis music that increases your receptivity to the messages

➠ Advanced brainwave entrainment technology ("binaural beats") to put you into a deep state of relaxation and concentration


By activating the combined power of your conscious and unconscious mind, this one-of-a-kind app will help you:

✓ Silence those negative "inner voices"

【免費生活App】Mary Morrissey Quotes-APP點子

✓ Let go of your doubts and fears

✓ Feel a powerful sense of spiritual connection

✓ Live in the certainty that you are loved and supported at all times

✓ Experience deep feelings of gratitude and positive expectation

✓ Know without question that you can live the life of your dreams

✓ Attract the success and happiness you deserve

【免費生活App】Mary Morrissey Quotes-APP點子

✓ and more!

Download this Inspirational Quotes Meditation app FREE and start experiencing these benefits today!


MARY MORRISSEY has been an internationally known inspirational speaker, bestselling author, and CEO consultant for more than three decades. Her transformational books, talks and seminars have made her one of the elite teachers in the human potential movement. She is the president and founder of LifeSOULutions, an international company providing programs and products that transform dreams into reality. Along with Dr. Michael Beckwith, she became the first New Thought minister to be appointed to the Executive Counsel of the Parliament of World Religions. She has spoken three times at the United Nations as the national Co-Chair for A Season of Non-Violence, and has co-convened and facilitated 3 different weeklong meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama in leading conversations with world leaders. In addition, as part of the Gandhi-King delegation, she met with Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mary's courses and seminars have helped transform thousands of lives, and now you can have her most powerful inspirational quotes... at no cost!

Grab this FREE app and start living a more inspired life now!

【免費生活App】Mary Morrissey Quotes-APP點子

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