Masala Tv Recipes

【免費生活App】Masala Tv Recipes-APP點子

This app contain "Masala Tv Recipes" all are in Urdu. There is almost every type of Recipe and all are of Masala tv. There are also juice recipes, cake recipes etc.

1. Can zoom in and out the image

【免費生活App】Masala Tv Recipes-APP點子

2. Can share the image

【免費生活App】Masala Tv Recipes-APP點子

3. Can Email

【免費生活App】Masala Tv Recipes-APP點子

4. Can Copy image in SD card.i

5. can set as wallpapers

Note: Recipes are taken from Masala Tv magazines etc. So, if writer want to remove any recipe. He can email us we will remove it as quick as possible.

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