Mat & Emballasje

【免費商業App】Mat & Emballasje-APP點子

This is the official mobile app for the Food and packaging trade fair ”Mat & Emballasje” at Norges Varemesse. It will help you get the most out of the exhibition, as well as keep you updated on all the activities and competitions.

You can make your own exhibitor notes and plan your personal route throughout the venue, visiting all your favorite exhibitors.

If there are any changes in the schedule, the app will notify you.

With this app, you will always have access to train departure times to and from the venue. If you arrive by car, use the app to get driving directions. If you need a taxi, make your phone call through the app. 

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!


◼ All exhibitors

- Search for exhibitors and products.

- Make your own notes attached to specific exhibitors.

【免費商業App】Mat & Emballasje-APP點子

- Import exhibitors’ contact information to your phone.

- Sort exhibitors alphabetically, by stand number, or by country.

- Filter by category and favorites.

◼ The hall map

【免費商業App】Mat & Emballasje-APP點子

- Find out where every exhibitor's booth is.

 - See the location of all your favorites.

- Find your position at the venue.

◼ How to get there

【免費商業App】Mat & Emballasje-APP點子

- Train departure times to and from the exhibition center.

- Get driving directions.

- Direct lines to the most relevant taxi stations.

◼ Program for activities and competitions


Have any questions or feedback? Please get in touch with our support team at

【免費商業App】Mat & Emballasje-APP點子

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