Match Up for Lady Gaga

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In this game you want to arrange the shuffled photo pieces in right order. Each level has 3 photos which is shuffled in pieces and mixed together. Match-up (arrange) them in right order within time duration to move further levels and get maximum scores.Good luck and have fun!

What Benefits Can Puzzle Games Actually Bring to Children?

First, understand the relationship between "part" and "all". In the puzzle games, parents should let children know many parts can put together to "a whole", and "the whole" consists of "many parts".

Second, establish the concept of two-dimensional combination. Building block is a three-dimensional combination, but puzzle is a concept of plane combination. It requires spelling out a logical object in the limited scope of two dimensions.

Third, know the meaning of sequence, order and logic. Naturally, many children know to start from the edge when they contact with puzzles of many pieces at the beginning, this is the significance of learning sequence, order, and logic, and learn classification from observation and judgment. Children need to observe the correct steps in the graphics to get the right answer.

【免費娛樂App】Match Up for Lady Gaga-APP點子

Fourth, promote development of hand-eye coordination. Playing puzzles need children to operate patiently, and requires the ability of hand-eye coordination. If not coordinate, they won't be able to put the right color piece on the correct place. Practicing a few times, children will naturally manage it successfully.

Fifth, train the observation, cultivate patience and concentration. Usually puzzles from the daily life, therefore, babies need to be familiar with the surroundings in order to spell out the correct logical graphics. In addition, puzzle can also help to cultivate children's patience and concentration, so that they can sit tight to finish doing a thing.

Sixth, learn methods and strategies to solve problems. Playing puzzles can learn reasoning thinking ability, because children always try many choices to select a correct piece, that is, through the selection process of assumptions and judgments they learn the methods of using logic to solve problems.

Seventh, improve the ability of anti-frustration. It is inevitable that children will make mistakes in the process of playing puzzles, thus they may feel frustrated and express their unwillingness to continue to play. Parents aside should provide assistance to help them come over difficulties.

【免費娛樂App】Match Up for Lady Gaga-APP點子

Eighth, help children to build self- confidence. When a child connect the chaotic puzzle piece by piece until finally finish a successful re-combination, the child will feel a sense of accomplishment, which is a very important element to improve the child's interest, and also the source of self-confidence for the child to complete the puzzle independently in future.

【免費娛樂App】Match Up for Lady Gaga-APP點子

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