Math Myth challenge

【免費休閒App】Math Myth challenge-APP點子

How fast can you add and multiply? Solve math problems against your friends from your preferred social network or play in training


Do you like casual games? You will love Math Myth!

【免費休閒App】Math Myth challenge-APP點子

You can play using your social network account or create a new one on math myth.

The game can also be used like an educational math game for your kids, to help them to learn the basic of the math in a funny way, or can be a good way to challenge your friends with the higher levels...

【免費休閒App】Math Myth challenge-APP點子

When you'll win a match your score will be posted in your social network, so everyone will know that you are a math myth!

There are four levels: Baby, Student, Expert and Genius.

【免費休閒App】Math Myth challenge-APP點子

For each one you can play versus your friends in a time challenge where the fastest gain points.

If you want to challenge your friends from social network you have to login with your account and start to look for someone.

【免費休閒App】Math Myth challenge-APP點子

When an opponent is founded the challenge begin. When you solve a level you gain points, but only the fastest will win the match.

But if you prefer to train yourself before the challenge you can play without logging in, or logging out if you are registered in your social network, and you'll play against timer. Your point will not be collected.

【免費休閒App】Math Myth challenge-APP點子

Last, but not least, you can use the game just to train your brain with a funny math game!

There are many casual games out there, but Math Myth is one of the most addictive brain game and you will love it.

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