Math True False

【免費解謎App】Math True False-APP點子

Mathematical Game will help you to improve your maths brain calculation as interactive.

check your maths brain calculation ability. How fast your brain calculate and solve simple maths problem.


- Single player can play game

- Save All single play score on leaderboard

【免費解謎App】Math True False-APP點子

- Implement approx 30 achievement

- Save all your game score and level data on Google Cloud server if you want to play two device then score remain will be same

- You can check your maths skill with your friends and relative to playing single mobile multiplayer functionality.

- Real time multiplayer can be play through online.

【免費解謎App】Math True False-APP點子

- You can also invite your friends to challenge your friends with maths skill

- If there are no any friends free then choose Quick Game then app automatic select random player then you can challenge to him.

How to Play

1. Single Player: You have ask 10 maths simple problem then you have to solve this problem to 20 seconds. after completed curtain level then difficult problem comes and time also increase. if your give one wrong answer then game over.

2. Player 1 Vs. Player 2: In this option your can play with your friends or relative as multiplayer on single mobile.

【免費解謎App】Math True False-APP點子

3. Online Battle: Real time multiplayer option on this option you can invite you Google Plus Friends to play game also you can choose Quick Game on this app choose automatic match player for you. then you can play with him as online.

Online play you and opposite play ask random 10 question who give quick answered they get point. if anyone give wrong answer then -1 point will deduct from him

【免費解謎App】Math True False-APP點子

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