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We bring you the best ever Math based game on WP7 for your kid. Available with 2 categories and 20 levels, this app ranging from basic to advance.


The game has been meticulously designed to give you and your kid the best experience of learning math. Math Magic helps children build and practice cognitive skills, object and number recognition, as well as tactile and fine motor skills.

The game will delight your children as it is magically inviting and nourishing through its sound effects and cool objects.


Difficulty level increases by passing of each level. First stage will hone up your skills and make you ready to play second stage which has advanced exercises to really challenge your math skills.

The game follows a unique way of learning for following activities.


★ Learn numbers

★ Addition

★ Subtraction

★ Multiplication


★ Division

★ Count and tap

★ Find the missing number

★ Identify objects like fruits, animals and many more


★ Advanced exercises

If you want your kid to be involved and happy – you can't find a better choice than Math Magic.


The child simply has to tap on an answer to solve the problem. Math Magic lets you choose the levels to customize them for your child.


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