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Note: Must try the 'perfecto' trick. You will lovin it.

Be a magician among your friends. Let them think a number and you will predict the number using Mathemagic.

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Mathemagic is a math based mind reading application. Developed using algebraic laws.

It will guess

* your age,

【免費教育App】Mathemagic FREE-APP點子

* your date of birth

* cards you have chosen in your heart

* Number you have chosen in your heart.

* Read your mind.

and includes other old math tricks.

Google Play has plenty of mathematical applications which will tell users how to easily solve a tough question or equation, and fast multiplication tricks etc. Mathemagic is an application very different from all of them. It is not about teaching you math. It is all about enjoying the magic involved in math. We have created some tricks using algebraic expressions, and conceptualize these tricks into application form. User only have to use simple addition, multiplication, division or subtraction.

These tricks are conceptualized in application form for amusement.

It also has a calculator for easily calculating sums inside the application.

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