Mathrubhumi Weekly

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Launched on 18th of January, 1932 Mathrubhumi Illustrated Weekly is still the number-one literary weekly in Malayalam. Through all these years the magazine has served the task of bringing out the best in Malayalam Literature.

To read the magazines, either you need to purchase single issue or subscribe them as listed below.

Subscriptions offered:

1. One Year Subscription with 52 Issues - $15.00 or Rs.662 (in India)

2. Six Months Subscription with 26 Issues - $7.99 or Rs.312 (in India)

【免費新聞App】Mathrubhumi Weekly-APP點子

3. Three Months Subscription with 13 Issues - $3.99 or Rs.195 (in India)

Single Issue - $0.99 or Rs.15 (in India)

【免費新聞App】Mathrubhumi Weekly-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Mathrubhumi Weekly-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Mathrubhumi Weekly-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Mathrubhumi Weekly-APP點子

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