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McGuire’s Farm takes you on a trip to a beautiful, hand-drawn farm with cool animals to hear and animations to see!To play, just touch an animal to hear a little about it and the sound it makes. And while you are listening, you can watch the name of the animal dance on the screen.There are 17 animals to play with and each one has three different sayings along with the sound it makes. There are two play areas, the barn and the lake. To go to the lake, just touch the lake or road next to it. To go back to the barn, touch the road next to the lake.You can control the background music volume or choose to hear just the animal sounds from the information screen. Just touch the “i” in the lower right corner of the barn screen to go there.McGuire’s Farm is a lot of fun for toddlers and young children because of its easy to use interface, fun sounds, and cool animations.Give it a try today!

【免費教育App】McGuire's Farm-APP點子

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