Measure It Lite

【免費工具App】Measure It Lite-APP點子

Measure It is a one of a kind measurement tape.

Used for easy measure of small and medium sized objects: boxes, paintings and such.

Need to know if it will fit and dont have a measurement tape or a ruler? use this great app.


Add notes, Take a picture and share it with all your friends.

This lite version is limited to 8 inch and 20cm ruler.

【免費工具App】Measure It Lite-APP點子

Please buy full app for unlimited measurment tape length.

【免費工具App】Measure It Lite-APP點子

How to use:

First, place the phone next to the object you’d like to measure.

Second, touch on the edge of the measurement tape.

Third, move your phone while your finger stays in place.

Repeat and measure

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