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Built for the iPhone 5 and 6 the Media Beach app offers a simple and intuitive way for a news professional to quickly deliver a breaking news story - as it happens - to the Media Beach service.The Media Beach app is easy to setup. Get the app, fill in your contact information and your Media Beach affiliation code. This information is sent when you use the app to shoot and upload a video or pictures. Videoship will confirm your affiliation. If there are any problems Videoship will contact you through the information you provided.The app is easy to use and designed for fast and reliable video delivery. There is very little to set. Aim the phone and press the record button. As you record, your video is streamed (as a file, meaning quality is always superb!) directly to your Media Beach host. Seconds after you stop recording, your video is ready for use. No problem if cellular and Wi-Fi services are not available. Continue to shoot your clips, and when you are done move to a site with a signal. No need to have the app running, it will upload your clips in the background while the phone is in your pocket. You will never lose a file because the app adds it to your camera roll - making it available to any other video app. And, of course, the Media Beach app can also deliver stored video and pictures directly from the camera roll.

【免費攝影App】Media Beach-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Media Beach-APP點子

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