Media Envelope

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

Media Envelops is a mobile media distribution platform for the distribution and interactive reading of published texts including fiction, nonfiction, textbooks, academic journals, magazines, graphic novels and illustrated books including photo essays.

Ebook application is free and available with interactive features

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

- Free application to download

- Search eBooks by Category, Best Seller, Top Paid and Author

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

- Easy steps for free registration and log in

- Any member can download the eBook for adding into My collection

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

- The user can read any books from My collection at any time

- Easy page loading and page swipe structure

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

- Large number of books available

- Add or remove books from My Collection

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

- Supportable for any android platform which has 2.2 and up android system

Media Envelope provides these texts free to the subscribing member and there is no charge for subscription. The texts are “sponsored” by various advertisers and brands that include within the texts various advertisements and brand information. Within these messages, there are also special price and value promotions that a member may take advantage of through Media Envelope though there is no obligation to do so.

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

A member may access any text for free if that member has fully subscribed and filled out the required subscription form and information. No one under 13 may subscribe without the express written consent of their parent or legal guardian.

【免費書籍App】Media Envelope-APP點子

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