Mediation Master

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This app is designed by injury lawyers, for injury lawyers to make the mediation process go smoothly.

Key features

A mediation tracker containing a midpoint calculator that automates the process of picking a counteroffer if you want to anchor it on midpoints and also allows you to track each offer and counteroffer with visibility of the moving midpoint as you go. The entire mediation history can later be emailed out.

Settlement worksheet makes short work of calculating and adjusting your attorneys fees and the client's net recovery from the case. The resulting figures can be emailed to the client for confirmation of agreement. This feature is also useful for non mediation use with clients as you discuss settlement negotiations.

Jury Verdict Probability curve is a useful graphical depiction of the distribution of possible jury verdicts to help you focus your thoughts and to show the client the odds.

Blind Mediator is a revolutionary mediation option allowing the mediator to use their iPhone or tablet to take in two blind offer and allows the program to find any overlap and split the difference. This is a big help when a mediation is at impasse and a mediator's number is not a viable option.

【免費商業App】Mediation Master-APP點子

【免費商業App】Mediation Master-APP點子

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