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Nice app for Doctors / Medical Practitioners / home users for regular medicine search for any problem in the body.

Very simple to use, user can search using medicine names or body part names as per following methods

1) By Alphabetical search method

2) User can enter the body part OR name of the disease to search for ex. "throat" or "nose" or "eye" or any medicine name such as "Benzydamine".

app will display the medicines related to that body part or disease name.

Complete or part of the name is also fine for ex. "Benz" OR "Ben" OR "enz" etc, it will search the matching entries in the database and display a list along with the short description.

Click on the search result to see the details

3) User can do search within search also if listing is big

4) User can browse through all the medicines one by one, we have provided "Next" and "Previous" buttons in the drug details page.

Very simple to use for any type of users.

For one medicine it will display following details

1) Drug Name

【免費醫療App】Medicine & Drugs Dictionary-APP點子

2) Contradiction

3) Generic Name

4) Pronunciation

5) Therapeutic Classification

6) Trade Name

【免費醫療App】Medicine & Drugs Dictionary-APP點子

7) Why to Prescribe

8) When to Take

9) How to Take

10) Warnings

11) Side Effects

【免費醫療App】Medicine & Drugs Dictionary-APP點子

12) Other Precautions

Kindly let us know in case you find any difficulty in using the app or in case you have any feedback.

Thanks and happy browsing

Team - Honey Computing Services

【免費醫療App】Medicine & Drugs Dictionary-APP點子

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