Meditation Hub

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子

This application supports people in their meditation practice no matter what tradition.

The timer offers 4 modes:

- open end meditation

- meditation for a specified duration

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子

- meditation until a particular point of time

- a sequence of meditations as a combination of saved profiles.


- Meditations can be personalized and settings are saved in profiles, which might be pinned to the start screen.

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子

- The signals can be set to one of the buildin meditation sounds and/or produce phone vibrations.

- It is possible to generate sounds manually by shaking the phone for example like a bell.

- The meditation time is saved and analysed in various statistics including charts.

- Chants can be edited, saved, pinned and up/downloaded to your skydrive.

- Optional background music or guided meditation from your music library.

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子

- The number of todays meditations and the most recent meditation can be displayed in the live tile.

The meditation hub needs to run under lockscreen to keep track the meditation time. This consumes a little more battery during meditation.

Tue trial version is limited up to 5 min meditations and does not support meditation until a particular time.

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子


- Chant metronom up to 180 bpm

- skydrive to OneDrive renamed

- Feedback and rating dialog

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子

- Bugfixes


- Minor design improvements

- Help page

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子

- Bugfixes (chart, audio file playback, live tiles)

【免費健康App】Meditation Hub-APP點子

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