Meditation Timer +

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer +-APP點子

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Feel a headache for other meditation timer apps? Can not find the function you want? Or troubled by the complex function but the lack of logic design? You really need "Meditation Timer +"!

Set your session warm up, meditation, cool down, and a repeating interval time all with unique bells! Powerful enough to handle the most sophisticated meditation routines, yet simple enough to start with one tap!

【Amazing Features】

★ Set 4 durations SEPARATELY: Warm Up Duration, Interval Durations, Meditation Duration, Cool Down Duration.

★ Set 4 bells SEPARATELY: Start Bell, Interval Bell, End Bell, Cool Down Bell.

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer +-APP點子

★ Professional stereo amazing bells. Recorded with high quality digital audio equipment at famous meditation centers. Crystal clear with extra long fade outs. Set number of times for each bell and bell interval duration.

★ Create and save 680+ sound atmospheres using ambiance. Mix your favorite sounds together with individual volume and balance controls all on one screen!

★ Preset meditations: allow you easily recall your routine. Each preset has custom sound settings!

★ Log: record your meditations.

★ Background support: Runs in the background to let you continue using the iPhone/iPod or listen to iPod music.

★ Vibrate, Sound, AutoScreenLock on or off

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer +-APP點子

************ Tips **************

❤ Dear customers, we are honored, humbled, & thankful for your comments.

❤ Want more bells and ambiance sounds? Leave message in the review section of App Store. Tell us what you want us to add. We will do our best to meet your wishes.

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Amazing Bells: Boxing Bell, Church Bell, Cymbal, Door Bell 01, Door Bell 02, LamaBell 01, Lama Bell 02, Ship Bell, Singing Bowl 01, Singing Bowl 02, Singing Bowl 03, Singing Bowl 04, Singing Bowl 05, Woodblock, Zen Gong 01, Zen Gong 02, Zen Gong 03, Zen Gong 04, Zen Gong 05.

Ambiance Sounds: Boat, Campfire, Cave, Clock, Foghorn, Jungle, Meadow, Rain, Sea, Seagulls, Shower, Sprinkler, Stream, Thunder, Water Drop, Wind Chime, Wooden Boat.

All Bells and Sounds in this app are based on actual recordings!

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer +-APP點子

"Meditation Timer +" is the most advanced meditation timer sound app available today! Get it right now! Then simple push start button, have a completely journey!

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer +-APP點子

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