Meditation Timer

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer-APP點子

With Meditation Timer you can set an interval in time (say, one hour) and have the app do a countdown to zero, or you can set an ending time and have the app set the countdown; during the countdown the app can play for you a background sound, and you can choose the closing sound.

Moreover, you can configure the app to play a specific sound at specific intervals.

The sounds are not aggressive or harsh, insteadthey have been chosen between natual, ambient sounds for the backgrounds, or between oriental bells sounds for the closing and reminder sounds.

All this can be used to meditate, or in any occasion in which you need to concentrate on something (studying, working, etc).

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer-APP點子

You can store different settings of the timer; the app will also store the GPS coordinates of the place in which you used it.

Trial version: will store only the last two meditations. Apart from this the app has all the features.

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer-APP點子

Release Notes:


- extreme bug fixing :-), also the "runs under lock" issue, and a better history page

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer-APP點子


- the ending time is shown on main screen

- when opened, the app reads the last used settings

- now it is possible to set an ending hour

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer-APP點子


- upgraded to Mango

- bug fix: permission request for handling GPS now appears only once

- bug fix: background sound plays only when wanted

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer-APP點子

- added the possbility to pre-hear sounds


- first release to marketplace

【免費健康App】Meditation Timer-APP點子

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