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MeetLauderdale MeetFLL Meet FLL By: Greater Fort LauderdaleYou’re headed to Greater Fort Lauderdale for an event? Lucky you. Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, we’ve gone and designed this official meetings app from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau — just for you.What to do. Where to eat. How to get around. It’s all here, in this pocket full of event goodness. So is your agenda. We’ve loaded everything you need to feel truly inspired (as if the views alone wouldn’t be enough). Check out what’s happening around town, connect with your colleagues and friends, and get special LauderDeals that will even take you beyond the beach. Perhaps you’re thinking of extending your stay? We thought of that, too.Just one look at this sunny app and you’ll agree, meetings simply shine brighter here. Plan on.Features:- Native mobile app- Allows attendees a fast and easy way to access event and area information- Provides users with all the information they need while they are attending their meeting or convention in Greater Fort Lauderdale

【免費商業App】Meet Lauderdale-APP點子

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