--------------- MegamanX Buster ---------------

--NEW 6/11/2013

New: you can now save the music as ringtone (finally XD)

just hold the music button for some seconds


New: More App tap

Fix: Ads Crash.

--NEW 5/3/2013

Remake: UI (new menu for music and info)


New: Boss Information

New: Weapon charging effect.

Fix: Select sound delay on weapons select


Fix: Charging sound stop.

The first in the marketplace.


who have dreamed of having the Megaman Buster in his hands (I'm the first ^ ^)so, here it is!!. with this app you can do many things, just use your imagination.

NOTE:The reason that the app is so heavy is because the images are in good quality and contains one of the best things about the MegamanX that are their musics.

Version 1.2.0 ------------------------------------------



- Buster Upgrade

- All Boss Weapons

- MegamanX Best Music

- Real action bar


- All Sub. Tank

- Sub. Tank and Weapon Energy Charger

please comment if you like or you can also give ideas and comment here or send an email to



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