Mem-O-ri Flag Quiz

【免費益智App】Mem-O-ri Flag Quiz-APP點子

Mem-o-ri Flag Quiz will quickly teach you all the national flags, country names and capitals in 6 different games.

Mem-o-ri also trains your memory by showing you a number of flags that must be remembered and then recognised. To make the game more difficult you can choose to remember the flag, but having to pick the right name or capital of the country. The games start with 4 different flags and continues up to 15 for the very best among you.

Another fun and maybe easier way to learn the flags is to play “Find the error” where you have to pick the flag, country name or capital that does not fit. Or you can play “Find the match” where a you must pick the flag, name or capital from a set of 4 different alternatives.

The objective of Mem-o-ri is to help you get better - and not necessarily to beat the score of someone else - although we do include the Leaderboards so that you can compare the standing. More important in the game is to help you learn the fact - so we include a link to Wikipedia for each question so that you can look up where this country is located and learn more about it.

The game contains all the 237 countries on the UN list, which have their own flags and capitals.

To make it easier to learn, you can choose which regions (Europe, Asia, Africa, America or Oceania) that you would like to test your skills at.

Mem-o-ri Flag Quiz is translated and can be played with English, German, French, Spanish or Norwegian. This is a good way to learn the names of countries and capitals in another language.

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【免費益智App】Mem-O-ri Flag Quiz-APP點子

【免費益智App】Mem-O-ri Flag Quiz-APP點子

【免費益智App】Mem-O-ri Flag Quiz-APP點子

【免費益智App】Mem-O-ri Flag Quiz-APP點子

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