Memory Booster

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*Rated as best memory optimizer app by several users*

"Memory Booster" is a smart app that is designed to make more free RAM to make your device faster and smoother. This app is a perfect combination of a Task Manager, Memory Manager & Optimizer Engine, Entropy Generator Engine, System Tuner and Profile Manager that works collectively to boost the device performance intelligently.

Some of the features requires "ROOT" access.

This app runs on any rooted device running on Android 2.3+ (4.4.2 support).


【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

Q: What is this app for?

A: This app optimize RAM to make your device faster.

Q: Is this app same as XBooster?

A: No.

【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

Q: Quick Boost always shows 0MB, why?

A: Enable "Kill system apps" from settings.

Q: This app kills my launcher, why?

A: Enable Lock Launcher from settings.

Below are the main features which app provides to make device faster and smoother:

【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子


* Task Manager - Task manager manages memory by killing unnecessary apps that are consuming RAM.

* Memory Manager Engine - Memory manager engine manages the memory freed by Task manager so that it can be utilized by other apps.

* Entropy Generator Engine - Entropy generator engine generates more number of entropy to make your device smoother and lag-free.

【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

* System Tuner - System tuner tunes your overall device (or specific items) for better performance.

* Profile Manager - Profile manager gets your selected profile and manages the overall device performance accordingly.


* DRC (Dynamic RAM calculation) check algorithm to boost device performance to the best possible.

* Unlike ordinary task managers that always run in background, it does not leave any running activity of its own, so saves more free RAM.

【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

* Homescreen and lockscreen (4.2+) widget to kill useless background apps at anytime.

* Option to send usage statistics to better error handling on some devices.

* Option to apply last selected profile on boot.

* Option to lock launcher in memory.

【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

* Option to add apps in white list.

* Option to show on-going notification.

* Schedule boost to periodically boost device.

* Saves some battery when device is locked or screen is off.

* Overall a smoother and faster device.

【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

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【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

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【免費工具App】Memory Booster-APP點子

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