Memory Training with Memoria

【免費解謎App】Memory Training with Memoria-APP點子

Memory training, or rather, training, always sounds like it is something very hard to do. To help you keep your passion and patience in memory training, here is a new app that can do the work - Memoria.

Memoria is a redesign of the old-time match 'em up game with new elements added to make it more fun than ever!

How do this app help you in memory training? We have the details for you, just visit the link below.


The game consists of different worlds for you to challenge. Each world has its own unique setups (eg. have short initial show time). A new world is unlocked when you have completed the current world so that you can continue the journey.

Currently, there are 3 worlds and a World of Challenge available to fill your content.

【免費解謎App】Memory Training with Memoria-APP點子

1. World of Flags - A world using Worldcup 2014 as theme.

2. World of Brands - A world full of brands that you may or may not recognized.

【免費解謎App】Memory Training with Memoria-APP點子

3. World of Math - A world with simple math, this is not an easy one as you don't just match against identical cards.

This memory training game is integrated with Google Play Service. Sign into the service as soon as you start playing the game to have all your achievements log to Google Play. There are a number of achievements (revealed and hidden) awaiting you to collect.

If you are getting bored by simply playing alone, you can compete with the world in the World of Challenge (unlock upon completion of at least one world) to see who has a better memory. For each world completed, a new challenge (and the world) is awaiting you.

This game is great both for fun and to train your memory. Throughout the game, you may realize there is no one method fit all solution. This part is left to you as a solution work for others may not work on you. But always remember this, try to relate the things you want to memorize to something you can easily call up (eg. to memorize a string of numbers, try to make the number meaningful by splitting it into smaller part).

Start your memory training now and feedback to us anytime!

Visit the link below to learn more about the game.


# There is no in-app purchase thus making this game suitable for kids as well.

【免費解謎App】Memory Training with Memoria-APP點子

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【免費解謎App】Memory Training with Memoria-APP點子



【免費解謎App】Memory Training with Memoria-APP點子


【免費解謎App】Memory Training with Memoria-APP點子

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