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Men's Health is South Africa's best-selling men's magazine. And no wonder: each page is packed with expert tips and easy-to-implement, actionable advice on everything the modern man needs to feel fitter, happier and healthier. Through its award-winning content and design, Men's Health improves every aspect of a man's life, from physical and mental health to food, style, sex, stress, gear, grooming, tech, relationships, wealth, career and beyond. It's an essential read for any guy who wants to live his best life right now. That's you, right?

June 2014: Special 200th issue: Our best ever tips! Superhuman Fitness! Make Hot Women Laugh at You But in a good way! SNL’s Cecily Strong explains, Learn from the trainer that built Spiderman’s muscle and speed and 25 Superfoods Start cooking!

April 2014: Boost your cashflow, sex life and muscle mass with certified guy wisdom, Thor star Jaimie Alexander, on lines that actually work and SA’s top chefs are hunting, gathering and fishing their own ingredients.

March 2014:

Flex Your Love Muscles: Five moves to spike your sex appeal, Hurts So Good Is playing through the pain barrier a good thing? Maybe not. Learn how to make pain your friend. The Average Guy.... and beer!

February 2014:

【免費生活App】Men's Health South Africa-APP點子

Keep the Car Running Diagnose an engine like a master mechanic, What our writer learned after a year of not shaving and Wok This Way Seize the power of home-made stir-fry!

January 2014:

New Year ! New you! - jumpstart your life in 2014! Blast belly fat! best muscle food. Ever! and much more

December 2013:

【免費生活App】Men's Health South Africa-APP點子

Condiments, Upgraded: The fat-burning food changes you need to make, Will She Sleep With You? Not if you make these mistakes… Save Your Own Skin Former Springbok Rob Louw was given three months to live. Here’s why he’s alive four years later.

October 2013:

Ramp up your kettlebell swings for spectacular results, Learn the proven weight loss tricks of our Belly Off! Readers’ Challenge finalists, Here’s what you should be putting in your shopping trolley and The ultimate selection of SA’s best brews. Beer genius!

August 2013:

【免費生活App】Men's Health South Africa-APP點子

Sexual Chemistry - We reveal the secret formulas, get Hugh Jackman’s body from The Wolverine, why South African men are dying young and how to avoid being a statistic.

May 2013:

Get serious muscle in 4 weeks! try our new heart test and flatten your belly with fries,no lies! Also a bonus kettlebell workout and 25 exercises mini book

March 2013

【免費生活App】Men's Health South Africa-APP點子

Strong lean and fit and 5 mistakes winners make and 21 Instant muscle meals and Male grams and Join the chain Gang and more.

February 2013:

Burn fat fast and Build MMA Muscle and More Tons of useful stuff for you and Eat smaller Transform your jobs and more...

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【免費生活App】Men's Health South Africa-APP點子

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