Mercury Messenger (Donate)

【免費通訊App】Mercury Messenger (Donate)-APP點子

MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger (WLM)

MSN / WLM Features:

★ Chat with your Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo and Facebook contacts

★ File transfer: Send/receive any type of file to and from your MSN contacts

★ Voice clips: Send/receive short voice messages to and from your MSN contacts

★ Personal emoticons: Send/receive personal emoticons to and from your MSN contacts

★ Multiple points of presence: be online at MSN on your computer and MSN on your phone

【免費通訊App】Mercury Messenger (Donate)-APP點子

★ Group conversation: chat with multiple MSN contacts in one conversation

★ Show current song (MSN Now playing)

★ Multiple MSN / WLM accounts

★ Encrypted conversation support (OTR)

★ Offline messaging

★ Invisible signin

Event Notifications:

【免費通訊App】Mercury Messenger (Donate)-APP點子

★ Events: Message received, Contact signed in

★ Actions: status bar, vibrate, ringtone, led, turn on the screen

★ Supports different notifications for specific groups and contacts

Other Features:

★ No Ads (Donate only)

★ Fling (or swipe) between contact lists and conversations

★ Improved Launcher (Widget): Application icon with the number of unread messages on your home screen

【免費通訊App】Mercury Messenger (Donate)-APP點子

★ Custom application background

★ Conversation logging to sdcard

★ Multiple languages (30 so far), mail me if you want to help translate

★ Start on phone boot

★ Very stable and regular updates

Feedback is welcome!

★ If you have a question, problem or suggestion press Menu, choose Help inside the app

【免費通訊App】Mercury Messenger (Donate)-APP點子

Android Market Comments

★ If you have a problem and comment in the android market, please also mail me (through Menu + Help in the app), I most likely need a bit more information before I am able to solve your problem..

NOTE: MSN and Windows Live are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This application is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft Corporation.

【免費通訊App】Mercury Messenger (Donate)-APP點子

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