MERIBEATS is drummed to give our listeners a captivating experience. Once you are a MERIBEATS listener, you will discover a world of programming that enlightens, includes, educates and provides sheer entertainment to all our listeners. MERIBEATS programming uplifts and changes the tenor of the listener’s experience as it relates to your everyday reality and casts a positive spin in the lives of the Indian community in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and the whole of Australia.Based out of Sydney, Australia this radio platform marketed to the local Indian community through various mediums, is aimed at keeping everyone updated with the latest “tadkas and jhatkas” from the Bollywood Industry. MERIBEATS, the first Online Radio station of its kind that provides listeners with shows and RJ’s that end up becoming a part of your daily fare.The recipe to success is simple. Hours filled with lilting music, garnished with lively RJs, spiced with current news from India, topped with Bollywood Masala, and a daily dose of laughter. The side beats include shows that range from enervating Faikoo Amar as he takes the mickey out of you, to Agni Aunt who resolves all the confusion around you. All in all, a master radio station. MERI BEATS.


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