Mermaid Colouring

【免費教育App】Mermaid Colouring-APP點子

many colour for paint on coloring book pages like on real paper for kids

Both Girls and Boys will find their perfect coloring pages here

essy to paint with these features

- book includes interesting pictures

- Coloring book and drawing pad 2-in-1.

- 30 + pictures of Mermaid.

【免費教育App】Mermaid Colouring-APP點子

- easy color picker , fill to object

- reat on a phone or tablet alike.

- ink dropper

- show or hide menu by tapping the right-bottom button

【免費教育App】Mermaid Colouring-APP點子

- built-in gallery to store both coloring picture and coloring animation.

- undo/redo

* All the pictures in this game are created by Variety Coloring book studio , and all their copyright belong to Variety Coloring book studio .

【免費教育App】Mermaid Colouring-APP點子

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