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The Mervis Scrap App is focused to deliver scrappers, peddlers, homeowners, and contractors real time and relevant information they need to recycle their scrap metals.Scrap metal prices through national price averages for basic listings are updated daily. These prices are baseline, and for high volume or custom rates, please contact Mervis directly. If you are on a job site and need to unload your scrap away from your regular scrap metal facility, the Mervis Scrap App can locate the closest scrap yard to bring your material to or request a scrap metal pick up service.Locator: Simply choose a geographical area or select "Location Closest to Me" to find the desired Mervis Recycling drop off facility.Pricing: See current average pricing for your specific material at your desired drop off location with this feature. For more specific pricing questions, please contact Mervis Recycling.Calculator: Want to know ahead of time how much cash you can get for your load? The Mervis Scrap App calculator allows you to choose your material, the estimated weight, and provides you with an estimated payout.Pick Up (available to pre-approved registered users only): Qualified users that are in need of a scrap metal pick up service can fill out the contact form which is immediately sent to the particular scrap yard or auto wrecker.Notifications: Receive real time notifications containing special offers, price increases, or general business information on the notifications tab.

【免費商業App】Mervis Scrap App-APP點子

【免費商業App】Mervis Scrap App-APP點子

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