Meta Widget Key

【免費生產應用App】Meta Widget Key-APP點子

This is the Key for Meta Widget. It unlocks full functionality in the main application. The Key is not visible in the app drawer but can be removed via the application management interface.

Meta is a unique widget that can turn virtually any online content into dynamic, interactive widgets. Simply browse to a website, pick a column of text, link, image or element and enjoy this information right on your home screen!

Please read the NOTE and INSTRUCTIONS below before posting a comment or question. The app is still at an early stage of development and needs feedback. If you have questions, write to, we will help.

Why is this cool you ask? Because almost anything can be parsed out of a website - images, articles, feeds or features. Use it for local papers, web comics, site statistics, analytics, account information, forums, threads, inbox status, weather, stocks, pics of the day and even Facebook pages!

Any widget created through meta can be customized and automatically updated, or updated on user interaction.


★ Create widgets from almost any website element

★ Parse graphs and images

【免費生產應用App】Meta Widget Key-APP點子

★ Extract statistics and information from authorized sites

★ Configure widgets (background, alignment, etc.)

★ Automatic updates

★ User defined click actions

【免費生產應用App】Meta Widget Key-APP點子

★ Lots of other cool stuff

The free version of the app has all features but automatic updates.

INSTRUCTIONS: To get started, add a Meta Widget to your home screen and navigate to the site you want to widgetize. Then, when you get to the page you want, check the box in the lower left corner and tap somewhere on the page. It'll surround that element in an orange box, after which you can move the selection tool around with the arrows at the bottom of the screen. When you find the element you want to put on your home screen, tap the plus sign and go to town configuring text colors, widget alignment, and more to make it look just right.

NOTE: This method of creating widgets will not always work for every site. But it should work for many with the proper CSS corrections. There is nothing quite like this widget on Android, and we know that it may not work perfectly on all devices, so please help us iron out bugs and add new features by writing with reports and suggestions or visiting our XDA Developers thread and posting there!

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