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MetaMoJi Extension Kit is a companion app of extended features for MetaMoJi Note and MetaMoJi Share. The app allows both apps to convert a Microsoft Office file to PDF format so they can be imported into a note. In the future, more advanced functions will be added to the app.

MetaMoJi Note is a cross-platform note taking app, PDF annotation tool, and a digital scrapbook for your life. You can capture your ideas visually with stylish pens and ink, take notes, or annotate imported PDF documents. MetaMoJi Note is a virtual whiteboard for sketching, annotation, scrapbooking or digital mashup. Premium upgrades include voice recording, handwriting recognition and text conversion, automatic synchronization of documents, and a shared drive. MetaMoJi Note is popular as a personal productivity tool popular among students and teachers, families and business professionals.

MetaMoJi Share allows groups to co-edit a document together in real time over an interactive whiteboard. MetaMoJi Share is a group collaboration tool for dozens of participants to share notes and to visually express their ideas in live interactive meetings online. With MetaMoJi Share, team managers can conduct project collaboration either in real time or as users “check in” to virtual meeting sessions. Participants can join the meeting whenever they open the delivered “share note”, and their contributions will be displayed in real time. MetaMoJi Share is a group and team productivity tool which is wildly popular in classrooms, research labs, and among small business environments.

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【免費生產應用App】MetaMoJi Extension Kit-APP點子





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