Metal Blocks

【免費街機App】Metal Blocks-APP點子

Metal Blocks!

【免費街機App】Metal Blocks-APP點子

Inspired by known by few, PC game "Quadra", released in 1999.

【免費街機App】Metal Blocks-APP點子

Play the fast paced tetrominoe game, plan ahead and create chain reaction, clearing the entire field in one go!

Block do not hang in the air, when not backed up by neighbors they fall down pulled by gravity, allowing for much more dynamic gameplay.

Possibility of choosing one out of threea available control schemes, where one is the unique "Fan" allowing instantaneous block relocation.

【免費街機App】Metal Blocks-APP點子

Possibility of changing lock delay, after which you are no more able to relocate block, allowing you to adjust game speed to your personal pace.

【免費街機App】Metal Blocks-APP點子

Unique metallic look

Planned changes:

Improving audio effects.

【免費街機App】Metal Blocks-APP點子


Game works best under 800x480 resolution.

If you have an idea for new sound effects, and would like to contribute, mail us!

Development currently put on hold, however planning to work on Multiplayer!

Game by - Aleksander Fular

Artist - Magdalena Zalman

【免費街機App】Metal Blocks-APP點子

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