Metal Commando

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Metal commando is a blazing, storming action game. You are commando, the hero of the storm, with gun and knife, you will shoot and kill enemies such as soldiers, tank, aircraft. Try to keep yourself safe to complete mission stage.

You are the commando, on the mission, facing endless wave of enemies. You will be armed with new guns, new weapons, powerful to help you complete the mission. On the way, try to rescue your comrades, they will thank the commando and give you a reward, like new gun, ammo, shield, bomb, health… Fight fight fighting and be the hero of the metal game.

Each mission, you will need to attack, shoot, fight and kill the enemies. The boss will appear at the end of the stage. Shoot and fight as much as you can to kill the boss. If the boss die, you will complete the mission and end the battle. Or else, restart the game.

【免費動作App】Metal Commando-APP點子


- Good game with enjoyable control

- Satisfy with the shooting experience

【免費動作App】Metal Commando-APP點子

- Combat with new gun, new weapon

- Save comrades to get rewards

- Good metal game

【免費動作App】Metal Commando-APP點子

Be the hero, kill soldier, complete stage, win the metal game. Have fun playing metal commando.

【免費動作App】Metal Commando-APP點子

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