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Mezzo Mobile is a product of Mezzo Interactive Inc., a company focused on making it easy for businesses to interact with their customers in a mobile-enabled world. Contact Mezzo Interactive to find out how you can:

- re-brand this app to make it the central component of your loyalty and rewards program

- use it to build your own contests, conduct surveys

- design your own customer surveys

- display your company locations

【免費生活App】Mezzo Mobile-APP點子

- send coupons and other promotions

- track the redemption of coupons and offers


- A built-in QR (Quick Response) code reader that recognizes your business's QR codes wherever they are published

- Contest and rewards tracker

- Multi-platform access

- Company locations feature

Using QR (Quick Response Code) technology Mezzo Mobile's app enables you to track where customers are scanning your offers, what products in your store they are most interested in, and what percentage of those customers are actually redeeming your discounts.

Find out more about how Mezzo Mobile can benefit your business by visiting

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