Mice in White

【免費漫畫App】Mice in White-APP點子

The White-chans are three white mice who live and work in Singapore. Their boss is a giraffe who pretends to know things, the boss's secretary is a sheep who emails 200 holiday photos to her colleagues, the Sales guy is a dragon and the company has outsourced its projects to a team of monkeys.

These strips are selected from the webcomics that has been running for years. Now you can have laugh at the silly things that White-chans and their friends do anytime, anywhere and right at your fingertips!


【免費漫畫App】Mice in White-APP點子

- Scrolling panel to display comic strips zoomed to as large as your phone screen can hold!

【免費漫畫App】Mice in White-APP點子

- Bookmark the strips so that you can continue where you left it!

【免費漫畫App】Mice in White-APP點子

- Totally offline so you can read it anywhere as remote as a mountain in Tibet!

【免費漫畫App】Mice in White-APP點子

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