Michel Roux Jr, Fine Recipes

【免費生活App】Michel Roux Jr, Fine Recipes-APP點子

Hello, and welcome to my App!

We’ve selected over 60 of my favourite recipes for you to cook at home, to delight your friends and family. Each recipe comes with step-by-step guides and clear imagery, as well as a handy shopping list. Watch videos showing more about my life and my cooking, and find out about the Roux legacy.

I really hope you enjoy what the app offers, and keep an eye out, as we’ll be regularly updating it with new recipes, videos and cooking tips.

Bon appétit!

Michel Roux Jr


- Exclusive recipes available only on this App, with full video instructions.

- Traditional recipes taken from 40 years of Roux culinary excellence.

【免費生活App】Michel Roux Jr, Fine Recipes-APP點子

- Video and step-by-step guides with detailed ingredient instructions.

- Stunning images of every recipe.

- Wine suggestions for most recipes.

- Shopping basket to keep track of the ingredients you need to buy.

【免費生活App】Michel Roux Jr, Fine Recipes-APP點子

- Take a look around my restaurants & book a table at the touch of a button if you wish.

- View my timeline and the Roux family history.

- See an overview of the Michel Roux biography.

- The exclusive Roux Consultancy contacts for your events or projects.

【免費生活App】Michel Roux Jr, Fine Recipes-APP點子

- Videos & information on the Roux Scholarship - the worlds most prestigious chefs event.

- Detailed information and sample menus from my three restaurants.

- In-App booking for Le Gavroche, Roux at Parliament Square and Roux at The Landau.

We welcome your feedback on how to improve or add further information. You can contact us by clicking on the feedback button on the App.

【免費生活App】Michel Roux Jr, Fine Recipes-APP點子

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