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【免費新聞App】Military News-APP點子

The Military News App for Android offers important and breaking news for all U.S. Military departments.

Therefor the application contains 8 different news-categories: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Department of Defense, Marines, Military, Navy and Stars and Stripes.

In the Military News App you find articles from:

- Air Force Live

- Air Force Mil

- Air Force Times

- Army Live

- Army Times

- Coast Guard Auxiliary Live

- Coast Guard Compass Live

- Department of Defense

【免費新聞App】Military News-APP點子

- DoDlive

- Marines Blog

- Marines Magazine

- Marines Mil

- Marines Times

- Military Times

- Navy Live

- Navy Mil

- Navy Times

- Star and Stripes


【免費新聞App】Military News-APP點子

This is not an official application from Air Force Live, Air Force Mil, Air Force Times, Army Live, Army Times, Coast Guard Auxiliary Live, Coast Guard Compass Live, Department of Defense, DoDlive, Marines Blog, Marines Magazine, Marines Mil, Marines Times, Military Times, Navy Live, Navy Mil, Navy Times or Star and Stripes. The app gets its information from different public RSS feed.

【免費新聞App】Military News-APP點子

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