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Become more aware of your comfort habits and transform them into successful habits.No body is perfect. Most goal setting and habit tracking apps force you to track only what you 'should' be doing, but that is not how our minds and bodies work.Increasing mindfulness of your comfort habits help you review your own actions.Mindful Habit gives you the power to transform your comfort habits into actual successful habits.• Fully iOS 7 compatible• Personalize your habits as you become mindful of them• Include as many or as few habits you want to transform• Check out your recent streaks• Track your current and best daily streaks• See what alternative habits you could be doing right nowGet involved with the future of Mindful Habit by voting for new features in our feedback toolSo start today and trade your comfort habits for successful ones.Connection with us atthe web: http://mindfulhabit.github.iotwitter: @MindfulHabitAppemail: mindfulhabit@hush.comtrello: https://trello.com/b/LR9lLXcE/feedback-and-suggestions

【免費健康App】Mindful Habit-APP點子

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