Mini Tool Kit Free

【免費工具App】Mini Tool Kit Free-APP點子

A quick tool that can be used as a task killer, application uninstaller, view basic system information and memory information. Gives information in tabs for quick access. This application by itself has no background process running and hence by itself does not consume memory by itself when the application is not running.


【免費工具App】Mini Tool Kit Free-APP點子

Task killer:

【免費工具App】Mini Tool Kit Free-APP點子

Kills any running task and frees up memory, effectively increasing phone performance. Provides an option to optimize the phone to free up as much memory as possible.

Application Uninstaller:

【免費工具App】Mini Tool Kit Free-APP點子

Uninstall any installed applications to free up storage space. The applications are arranged in descending order of their size.

View Phone Information and Memory Information:

【免費工具App】Mini Tool Kit Free-APP點子

Allows you to view basic information of your phone, check your RAM size, memory card size and internal memory size.

For any support related queries, you can directly email us by clicking on the send email link in the developer section.

【免費工具App】Mini Tool Kit Free-APP點子

The current version is ad supported. Stay tuned for an ad free version...

The Android robot in the icon is reproduced and modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

【免費工具App】Mini Tool Kit Free-APP點子

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